BDW’s Design Park Magazine serves mainly as report for all the esteemed partners of the 9th Belgrade Design Week, who’s support made another successful festival possible. Still, the magazine consists of carefully compiled results from the 9th festival, held in October 2014, interesting for the global creative community. You can browse between the atmospheres from the conferences, workshops, exhibitions, receptions and dinners, followed by inspirational images of lecturers, participants, visitors, and interviews, but you will also find important statements like the vision and mission of Belgrade Design Week.

The Design Park Magazine, as a meticulous document about the BDW festival in 2014 under the slogan “Brand New World”, confirms our firm intention to connect the global creative leaders with the South East European region of 100 million people from Istanbul to Milan, with Belgrade right in the center.

To remind our esteemed audience, BDW 2014 was held at the old Staklopan Factory in Belgrade, with a three day international creative conference, workshops, seminars, masterclasses and a dozen of excellent design exhibitions, carefully presented in the space of this redesigned gem of Serbian industrial architecture. Tens of thousands of people enjoyed the programs of Belgrade Design Week 2014.

Those who were unable to attend the lectures of “The Greatest Creative Minds of the 21st Century” at BDW 2014 now have the chance to watch our superstars’ movies at BDW’s Vimeo portal.

If you, like us, wish to read this beautifully designed and passionately written overview of the 9th Belgrade Design Week on paper and enjoy the perfume of fresh printing inks, please register for a free printed copy of the Design Park Magazine, by sending a mail to

All you need is to write your name and address with a short claim about why you would like to have a copy of the Design Park Magazine, with no costs to you except postage duty to be paid at receipt. The Design Park Magazine was printed with the support of the European Delegation to the Republic of Serbia.

Enjoy your reading!

During Belgrade Design Week 2009, you enabled participants to meet with representatives from different countries, in professional, as well a sin social settings, which provided the opportunity for spontaneous interactions, where everyone was engaged in true cross-cultural dialogues. This allowed participants from different countries to become familiar with attitudes, ideas, and practices on the common topics of design.   We had received first hand accounts of current situation in creative fields and intellectual status of Belgrade Design Week, exchanged ideas and knowledge, mixed and mingled among each other. And the unique opportunity was given for all of us to establish professional relationships and develop lifelong friendships. We were eager to discover Belgrade and had a unique chance to enjoy the city! No doubt, it was our first, but not our last visit to Belgrade. All the best to Belgrade Design Week for the future to come! We are looking forward to be a part of your success