Andy Cameron / WIEDEN & KENNEDY (UK)

Related Projects: Belgrade Design Week Festival 2011

Wieden+Kennedy is an independent, global creative company. Andy Cameron, creative director, presented agency’s work at Belgrade Design Week 2011.

W+K is a full-service, creatively driven advertising agency based in Portland, Oregon. The agency has offices all around the world, including Amsterdam, London, New York, Tokyo, Shanghai, Delhi and São Paulo. The agency’s global network comprises eight offices and 1400 people, and work spans every discipline.

W+K makes work that influences culture and builds business value. It has world class media, design and tech operations. But everyone and everything at W+K is driven by creativity, and a core mission of building strong and provocative relationships between companies and their customers.

BDW was a wonderfully rewarding experience. I think the mix that made it work so well was a tangible passion for design realized in the most relaxed and friendly atmosphere that I have come across for any event like this – truly inspirational, long may it thrive.   As for what is a smart, forging partnerships and working with like minded designers and clients always seems a pretty smart and rewarding way to go about design and I have a very good feeling that BDW will be the catalyst for many such collaborations.