Related Projects: Belgrade Design Week Festival 2011

Thomas Geisler, as a new design director of the MAK Vienna and the former founder and director of the Vienna Design Week presented his work at Belgrade Design week 2011.

Since 2016 Thomas Geisler is managing director of Werkraum Bregenzerwald, an Initiative of regional handicraft businesses situated in Vorarlberg/Austria, who runs an exhibition building for innovative craftsmanship, design and architecture, which was designed by Pritzker award winner Peter Zumthor. He studied product design at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and at Denmark Designskole, Copenhagen. Thomas Geisler distinguished himself as an exhibition organizer and author on the topic of contemporary design and everyday culture. Between 2010 and 2016 he was head and curator of the Collection Design at MAK Austrian Museum of Applied Arts. His work as a lecturer and researcher resulted in participating decisively on the establishment of the Victor J. Papanek Foundation at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Together with Tulga Beyerle and Lilli Hollein he was one of the founders of VIENNA DESIGN WEEK, which he also initiated with his master thesis (title: designale – Grundanalyse und Konzept für ein Designfest in Wien). Furthermore he curated contributions for the Vienna Biennale 2015 and for the London Design Biennale 2016. Though Thomas himself is educated as a designer and craftsman, his passion lies within discourse, and in conveying and promoting this disciplines. He takes part in international boards and juries, was co-responsible for founding the Austria Design Net and is still part of the executive board of the Vienna Design Office – Verein Neigungsgruppe Design.


During the 10 year history of Normann Copenhagen, we have learned that passion for design and architecture is strongly connected to people and not places. Coming from a part of the world where DESIGN is almost part of your DNA and every household has a selection of Design Classics, does not guarantee that passion is found.   When coming to Belgrade for the BDW 2009 we found a dedication and passion at the highest level. We can only be jealous that such events, created with passion and real interest to push the viewers and visitors to the next level are not more commonly found in Denmark. That again is a tribute to the great efforts found behind BDW and we hope to be part of your events in the years to come.