Related Projects: Belgrade Design Week Festival 2013

Nordeus is a leading and award-winning European game developer and officially the best European gaming startup of 2011. Only three years since Nordeus has opened its doors in Belgrade, the company succeeded in building up a respectable worldwide brand from the ground up.

Nordeus is a mobile gaming company with big ambitions and a fiercely independent mindset. Fuelled by the dream to create competitive games, Nordeus now enable millions of people around the globe to be champions. Proud of where they’re from, they’re putting Belgrade on the gaming map.

Nikola Damjanov, representative of creators of Top Eleven, the most played online sports game in the world, took visitors of Belgrade Design Week 2014 into the virtual world of video games, talking about innovations introduced by Belgrade’s own Nordeus studio, famous worldwide for the most successful global sports video game, the football manager’s simulation “Top Eleven”. Damjanov revealed why more than 9 million people monthly and 3 million daily play Top Eleven, but also the innovations they are preparing. Legendary football manager Jose Mourinho is the new face of the online sports game, the change of graphic will allow an easier technical access to the game from anywhere where you have a connection.

During Belgrade Design Week 2009, you enabled participants to meet with representatives from different countries, in professional, as well a sin social settings, which provided the opportunity for spontaneous interactions, where everyone was engaged in true cross-cultural dialogues. This allowed participants from different countries to become familiar with attitudes, ideas, and practices on the common topics of design.   We had received first hand accounts of current situation in creative fields and intellectual status of Belgrade Design Week, exchanged ideas and knowledge, mixed and mingled among each other. And the unique opportunity was given for all of us to establish professional relationships and develop lifelong friendships. We were eager to discover Belgrade and had a unique chance to enjoy the city! No doubt, it was our first, but not our last visit to Belgrade. All the best to Belgrade Design Week for the future to come! We are looking forward to be a part of your success