Jovo Majstorovic (RS)

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Named as a tribute to one of the greatest scientists of our time: Nikola Tesla. TESLA Electronics Inc. is a dynamic company with an ambitious approach to design and development of automotive electronics. Over the last twenty years it has gained valuable knowledge of vehicle dynamics and are one of the companies with the strongest capabilities in utilizing accelerometer technology. TESLA Electronics Inc. is led by Jovo Majstorovic, originally from Yugoslavia.

Jovo Majstorovic studied Physics at the University of Belgrade, and Industrial Design at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA majoring in Transportation Design. Jovo Majstorovic has had gasoline in his blood ever since he was a kid, always thinking up new ways to improve existing automobiles and constantly tinkering with new ideas. In view of Jovo’s innovative history it’s certain that the future of TESLA is full of new and exciting automotive products.

Ever since it first came out in 1994 G-TECH product line has been receiving awards in automotive aftermarket industry. First in 1995 it was awarded The Best New Accessory Product at the SEMA show. This prestigious award catapulted the product into long-term sustainable success. In many ways the original G-TECH created a whole new category of products. It was a first affordable and easy to use performance meter for automobiles. Since then the company has received another SEMA award and countless other international magazine awards including the Popular Mechanics Editors Choice Award. The latest award is of a more local nature, it’s 2016 Best of Pacific Palisades for Automotive Sales and Service.

B.D.W. is "Being with your whole creative self in WONDERLAND". Getting out of the line (box), navigating into the world of sensation and intellect, showing curiosity and sharing knowledge, living in clear and vague situations, bringing Art & design to talk to each other, loving, touching, eating, growing, expecting the unexpected and yet always being surprised, never accepting what was planned a month earlier. And people, interesting people, creative people, wonderful, open-minded people, beautiful people, people who think DESIGN IS A WAY OF THINKING. All of this is true. I was lucky to be there and loved it.