Related Projects: Belgrade Design Week Festival 2006

Jan Rijkenberg has been working in the worlds of marketing and advertising since 1979.

He is co-founder of BSUR Group, with offices in Amsterdam and Shanghai, a group of agencies that advises international companies and provides consultative services for the development and communication of new concept brands.

Jan also teaches concepting and communication strategies for postgraduate courses at Groningen University, Tias Business School of Tilburg University, Delft University of Technology and is a regular speaker at marketing conferences around the globe.

He has published widely on trends in concept innovation, marketing and communication. In his other book ‘Corporate Matters’ a collection of his most inspiring columns are collected and deal with the  remarkable observations in the world of corporate branding and identities.


Running in the morning through the city (down what the germans call a fussgangerzone) and being amazed by all the grand empty old buildings that reminded me of my Berlin beginnings. Grafitti on buildings. Lovely broken walls with acne'd facades from decades of reverse engineering. Discovering that all the ships on the river were party boats and open till the morning. Sweating so much in one of the clubs, my phone got messed up. Losing phone in said club. Visiting belgrade police station to report a then stolen phone to a twenty-something cop with a doctor's lab coat, listening to Rammstein (loudly) while hacking out my report on a pre-electric typewriter that looked (and sounded) as if it was from some era before typewriters were invented.   Thinking of Naked Lunch. Thinking of Die-Hard. Listening to architects talk about porous facades. Thinking of old smart bombs. Imagining the flash and crunch of several floors of reinforced concrete collapsing in on themselves. Wondering why I'm the only interactive guy here. Why are there so many beautiful women in Belgrade? Why are there so many beautiful women in Belgrade?!