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Igor Kordey was born in Zagreb, Croatia , 1957. He is the most prolific and most successful comic artist and illustrator in the region. His proffessional career goes, mainly upward, for almost 40 years. His comic artwork and illustrations were published all over Europe, USA, Canada and Latin America . They can be found in numerous public and private collections, from National Library of Congress to Lucas film studios. His illustration «Pensilvania plane», dedicated to victims of 9.11., broadcasted over CNN, moved the people all around the world.

Out of many publishers he worked with through out the years, it is worth to mention Heavy metal magazine, Marvel, DC comics, Dark horse in USA, and Dargaud, Humanoides Associes, Ehapa and Toutain in Europe. For the last decade he works as a «house artist» for French publisher Delcourt, for whom he works on number of serials simultaneously – «L’histoire secrete», «L’Coeur des batailles», «Empire», «Taras Boulba», «30 denares» and «D-Day». For short period of time he lived in Denmark, and for almost a decade in Canada. Several years ago he returned to Croatia and now lives and works in Zagreb.

Most of his recent project deal with historical subjects, choosen mainly because of his extremely anty-war engagement, but from time to time he tackles other genres – SF , dystopia ( «Smoke» , «L’idole et le fleau»), or fantasy ( unfinished series «Keltos»). Except comics and illustrations, whenever he can he does graphic design like logos, posters , CD covers and most recently – music production («Rubber soul project»).

Recent awards and nominations:

  • jury award for best artist – Gijon, Spain 2005. – X-men serial
  • Eisner award and Kurtzman award nominations, simultaneously in USA and Canada 2006 – «Smoke« short serial
  • fans award – Reims, France 2007. – best artist
  • Life award for contribution to comic industry – Virovitica, Croatia 2009.
  • Eisner award nomination – USA 2009. – for «Unknown soldier» serial (cover art)
  • Gliph Comics award – USA 2009. – for best cover – «Unknown soldier» serial
  • Eagle award nomination – best foreign comic ; for «Secret History» serial (Bristol, England, 2010.)
  • «Persona mas nocturna», fans award – for the best effort in supporting the festival’s bar (Aviles, Spain, 2010.)
  • «Marulo» award – the best Croatian theatre scenography (Split , Croatia – 2011.)
  • Chevalier des arts et des lettres – ( for significant contribution and propagation of art and culture in France and abroad – Paris, France – 2013)
During the 10 year history of Normann Copenhagen, we have learned that passion for design and architecture is strongly connected to people and not places. Coming from a part of the world where DESIGN is almost part of your DNA and every household has a selection of Design Classics, does not guarantee that passion is found.   When coming to Belgrade for the BDW 2009 we found a dedication and passion at the highest level. We can only be jealous that such events, created with passion and real interest to push the viewers and visitors to the next level are not more commonly found in Denmark. That again is a tribute to the great efforts found behind BDW and we hope to be part of your events in the years to come.