Related Projects: Belgrade Design Week Festival 2012

Heydays is a fast-paced and experienced brand and digital product agency, helping ambitious teams shape unique ideas into unforgettable companies. Lars Kjelsnes, Martin Sanne Kristiansen, Thomas Lein presented agency’s work at Belgrade Design Week 2012.

Heydays is a design team tailored for ambitious companies in rapid growth or major change. It is here for those who challenge conventions and push for better. Through brand strategy, identity development, and product design, Heydays helps the clients shape what’s next.

Heydays team gets the importance of gaining momentum. Designed to travel light and move fast, the agency helps the customers push forward. In other words, Heydays knows how to serve early-stage needs and simultaneously build the foundation of a great brand.

Teamed up with numerous of Norway’s most recognized technology companies, Heydays has shaped many of today’s defining digital experiences. The agency loves seeing the clients succeed, and its experienced team knows what it takes to get there.

Since 2008 Heydays has been helping ambitious companies launch and create real value through shaping unique brand and user experiences.

Heydays is a specialised design team of 14 people and its approach is fast-paced and straight forward. The agency operates in small teams and act as an external long-term partner for the clients.


Do not make the same mistake as I did when coming to BDW, by planning things too tight and efficient. But take time to enjoy it to the max. You will not regret it!”