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Creative Space Serbia, a platform promoted by the Serbia Investment and Export Promotion Agency (SIEPA), has once again made a leap forward in design research and will be showing at the Milan Design Week. Designs to be shown were selected through a highly selective competition and then produced by the Serbian companies. The exhibition projects expression of new languages and sensitivities which have developed as a result of a dialogue and synergy between young designers and the industry, in a country filled with cultural ferment, able to surprise with unprecedented and original appeal of its projects. Creative Space Serbia has a dual mission: scouting for new talents and creating production alliances between the designers and manufacturers.

For the 2013 edition of the Creative Space Serbia, SIEPA has invited three preeminent Serbian designers (Kako.ko, Od-Do, and Ivan Kucina) to participate with new dedicated projects, while as the previous years new generation designerswere selected through a contest officiated by Milena Radovic, Natasa Vujovic, Ines Novosel, and Nevena Jovanovic from SIEPA, and Mirko Tattarini, Creative Space Serbia’s Art Director.

The theme of the 2013 edition, under the art direction of Mirko Tattarini – Lagos Design Studios who was also in charge of previous editions, is Yurope – The 3rd Domestic Landscape. The starting point for reflection is memory and the cultural baggage which Serbia, an official EU candidate, carries and is able to bring for the broader European identity. An internal space that is free and “uncultivated”, an oasis of life and spontaneity: the “third landscape”, inspired by the definition of French landscaper and writer Gilles Clément. Based on this concept, each designer devised his or her own idea of a “memory box” in the creation of a new generation of storage units, where both space and contents, whether real or imaginary, play a primary role.

Belgrade truly touched and moved me. It is difficult to describe feelings that overow me. Your desire to bring people together, your dedication and commitment to an idea, the need to look the people in the eye, the inner beauty I have encountered here, all is so sincere and real. There are not many such places on the planet. Please, invite me again!