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Farrah Floyd makes collections for women, inspired by women. Trained as a both fashion and textile designer, and holding a master degree in Sustainability in Fashion, Bojana Draca is a designer with a recognizable style. In her work, she combines strong concepts with technical skills and sustainable design strategies. She has developed a special zero-waste cutting technique, using only rectangle pattern pieces. By challenging limits of fabrics and playing an endless game of shapes and colors, she transforms 2D forms into 3D. The new solutions that come up, combined with a powerful concept idea are the most significant features of her brand Farrah Floyd. With her master collection, named Heroine_collection, in 2012 Bojana won a bronze in Creative Conscience Award:UK and got into the semi finals for EcoChick Design Award in Hong Kong.

Fashion is a term associated with beauty, fame, glamorous lifestyle and money in general. It used to be accessible to individuals, but recently becoming affordable to almost anyone.

The trends are changing so fast, that not even the biggest enthusiasts can catch up. The production is getting bigger and faster, and at the same time the prices are getting lower and quality poorer.

How is this possible? What stands behind this phenomenon? How much do we know about origin of our clothes and should we start changing our habits for the sake other people, our planet or finally our own health?

The first step is to inform and educate consumers. The next would be to find ways to change their behaviors.

Some of it will make sense to you, some of it won't make sense. Some of it would be truth, mostly it will be lies.