Visitors of the BRAND NEW WORLD MILANO 2015 @DUSAN exhibition are enjoying a delicious design eating experience created by Studio Appétit in Milan from April 14 – 19th. The studio lead by designer and chef Ido Garini will be one of the eight key international studios who epitomize the new concept of Designers – Makers – Entrepreneurs, rethinking the entire business and creative model in design. Brand New World shows the DESIGN 2.0 philosophy, unthinkable of only a few years ago. The concept is curated and produced by Vesna and Jovan Jelovac, as part of the Milan 2015 FouriSaloni program, and will be staged in arguably one of the most elegant design showrooms in the city – DUŠAN, Via Antonio Zarotto 1, powered by LAUFEN.

The topic of the exhibition DESIGN 2.0 thinking is laying on the hand: The world has changed, and as we speak the most exciting new stuff is being presented by a completely new wave of designers who are not only creatives, but in the same time makers, producers, entrepreneurs, distributers, own representatives and gallerists…


Ido Garini is the best representative of the new concept of Designers – Makers – Entrepreneurs. His studio is renowned for creating multifaceted experiential worlds using product design, graphic design, space design and, of course, culinary arts. Among the studio’s various products you can find design objects, edible products, eating installations, multisensory brand experiences, dining concepts, restaurant art direction, lectures, workshops… The studio utilizes uncharted territories of the power of food design to create and enhance multisensory experiences.

At BRAND NEW WORLD MILANO 2015 Studio Appétit presents the latest project: “Things of Edible Beauty”, which expands boundaries of multidisciplinary design and perceptions. It explores the everyday aesthetics of food and it ornamental value, based on flavors trend forecasting and development. It is a new embodiment of fashion, combining design objects, edible products, visuals and fragrances, timeless yet changing by the season. Through a rich and luscious experiential world, innovative content and hyper aesthetic objects, it redefines the way we understand food and eating.


Eating is one of the only activities we do that stimulates all the senses at once, therefor it is one of most exciting celebrations of our existence. In the fast pace world that we live in, it seems sometimes that we are so far away from our basic needs as human beings. The joy and fulfillment, physical and emotional that we receive from food is irreplaceable. Eating (and sex) are the only actions we do that stimulate all our senses simultaneously. This is why it is so interesting and relevant to design eating experiences. Exploring and investigating the triggers, notions and reactions the food culture, nutrition and the act of eating brings in us, said Ido Garini.

Studio Appétit is considered a trailblazer in setting food design as an equal discipline within the world of interdisciplinary design projects. In Milan, Garini is showing his innovative approach to eating and how design can satiate some of our wildest and most intense appetites.

I am usually most connected to the most recent project, and not only because it is relevant, but because it contains everything I have learned from the ones before it. Right know it’s “Things of edible beauty”. It’s a real strong concept embedded into a really believable platform, claimed Garini.


The Studio has an extensive background in the international design world, as well as in kitchens around the globe. With Garini at the helm, the studio has a unique food and design professional directory of 20 international practitioners from which it builds teams according to the specific requirements of each project.

The best recognition for me is actually when people experience my projects and feel something new. Also, the studio has made it in the past years for a few magazine “10 best in the world” lists in the field of food &design. It is always good to hear that we are leading and inspiring in what we do. My favorite clients are the ones that are not afraid to experience something different or differently. The work I create is first of all experience-focused, so before knowing what exactly we are doing in matters of form and function, I first define the experience and then see what I need to do in order to achieve it, concluded Garini.


Ido Garini for Brand New World

What a fantastic feast this Belgrade Design Week was! Inspiring, exciting and full of intensive dialogue. More than any other conferences BDW was showing, why we are all Designers – because it's about the vibe, the passion, the people and the culture of exchange. Belgrade! We'll come back!”