Swiss designer ADRIEN ROVERO presents his latest work, Aspartame, in Milan from April 14 – 19th, as one of the eight key international studios that epitomize the new concept of Designers – Makers – Entrepreneurs, rethinking the entire business and creative model of design. Adrien’s exhibition is part of BRAND NEW WORLD MILANO 2015 @DUŠAN, curated and produced by Vesna and Jovan Jelovac.

As a part of the Milan 2015 FouriSaloni program, Brand New World shows a pure DESIGN 2.0 philosophy, unthinkable of only a few years ago. The concept is staged in arguably one of the most elegant design showrooms in the city – DUŠAN, Via Antonio Zarotto 1, powered by LAUFEN.

Adrien Rovero opened his design studio in Renens in 2006. His work is rooted in his keen observation of the details and needs of his surroundings. This inspires highly innovative designs, as uncluttered as they are effective, built up out of assemblage, repurposing and shifting around shapes, materials, references and purposes.

His pieces are on display in a number of renowned galleries, including the Galerie Kreo (Paris), Libby Sellers (London), and the Galerie Ormond (Geneva).

Clients availing themselves of his exhibition design talents include such institutions as the Centre Pompidou (Paris), the Grand-Hornu Images (Belgium), the Manufacture de Sevres (France), the mudac (Lausanne) and the Villa Noailles (France).

– Your own opinion about the rise of the new Design 2.0 presented in form of the new designers as makers, entrepreneurs and promoters, as mentioned in Jovan Jelovac’s (the exhibition curator and impressario together with Vesna Jelovac) exhibition’s intro.

What I believe is that its important to be active and trying to make things happen. That is why I see the term “Entrepreneur” as a very wide way to be pro-active. Not necessarily in the classical way but always trying to breakthrough. In this pro-active sense, I see Jovan as a powerful energy and generous person that we all want to follow!

– What made you become interested in design?

I was really interested in making things. That definitively makes me happy.

– What is your favorite project and why?

I’ll say Clickazoo as it was a perfect balance between an imaginative project, an interesting process, a small item, a childhood reminiscence and a perfect producer. It is a project where many aspects came together.


– What is your latest project?

The pieces I am presenting now at BNW: Aspartame.

The idea behind the product is to try to activate an unexpected sense in the objects – the taste. How will it be if you see an object you want to eat? What would happen?
Like a „Gourmand“ designer I looked into the different pastry, their typology, their process, their textures…

– What is the award you are most proud of?

I was very happy to get the Swiss design award twice. It is a sort of grant that Switzerland gives to young designers.

– Do you have favorite clients or partners in the Design 2.0 process, such as craftsmen, shops, retailers, media, gallerists, promoters…?

I had the chance to participate in a glass workshop. I was very happy to be part of it.

The program is based on a 1 week workshop with a manufacturer and a designer. For me it was a fantastic moment where during one week all is suspended and many people get very focused on making something out of glass. It was a great opportunity. A perfect balance between a well prepared setup and chaotic spontaneous surprise. A great mix.

– From where does your affinity for glass derive? Why is this medium different from others? 

I am fascinated by the processes of many materials. It is very often a beginning of a new story and a projection of new ideas. Glass is a moment that fixes the time and suspends it forever, this sort of timeless process can be seen or not into the pieces. I make a big difference between a free blown and a mold blown glass. The medium glass has also a very long history where many cultures, habits and uses has stick to it. That makes it as well a fantastic conceptual world where many games and distortions can happen.


Adrien Rovero forBrand New World

I just loved attending the Belgrade Design Festival everything was just perfect not only did I feel spoiled by the organization and captivated by the city, the audience was super receptive and it was a great experience to share the Camper story with such a great atmosphere.