London 21-23 SEPTEMBER 2015

The Recode the City festival takes the Human Cities programme to London. Organised by Clear Village in collaboration with the Machines Room and Lime Wharf, and curated by Thomas Ermacora, founder/ creative & strategic director of Lime Wharf, Machines Room and Clear Village.  Recode the City will bring together representatives from the Human Cities partner network for an action-packed programme of events during the London Design Festival.

Recode the City will include two major events open to the general public. From 18:00 to 21:00 in the evening of Monday 21st September, Open Mile will offer a trail of workshops, open studios and activities to explore East London’s thriving Maker Mile. And from 14:00 to 18:00 in the afternoon of Tuesday 22nd September, the Recode the City Symposium will offer a half-day of talks and discussions on how to transform the urban realm and empower people through digital fabrication at the advent of the quantified city.

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Open Mile
MONDAY 21 SEPTEMBER 18:00-21:00




The Maker Mile is one square mile of open workshops, artist and design studios, fabricators, galleries, micro-factories, shops and businesses, centered on Mare St. between Bethnal Green and London Fields stations. On Monday 21st September, as part of the Human Cities programme and the London Design Festival, the Maker Mile will launch with the Open Mile event – a trail of workshops, open studios and activities throughout the evening.

Open Mile activities will include:

  •  East London Printmakers will be running printmaking demonstrations, giving visitors the opportunity to have a go at screenprinting their own poster or tote bag.
  •     OpenDesk will be teaming up with THOSE design collective’s Woodpecker, a CNC writing machine.
  •     The Carpentry Club will be making their signature LIMBITS – little creatures designed to be made from CNC wood off-cuts.
  •     FabLab London is teaming up with Codasign to bring their FabBike to the V&A Museum of Childhood.
  •     FabPub will be running a workshop called Cut it / Print it where guests can cut and construct miniature architectural maquettes.
  •     MakeWorks are down from Scotland doing a screening and Q&A of their Make Works films, all focused around manufacturing and design.
  •     The Cocktail Factory will be giving tours of their micro-factory and running cocktail tasting.
  •    BikeWorks will be running an open, drop-in Fix Your Own Bike session.
  •     RCA Design Products graduates will be holding an exhibition at Machines Room.
  •     Fixperts will be running a Fixperts A&E using Sugru and hosting a screening of their favourite FixFilms at the Machines Room Maker Library.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Keep an eye on for details and grab a hand printed, locally produced map to follow the trail.

Recode the City Symposium
Machines Room
TUESDAY 22 September 14:00 to 18:00


The Recode the City Symposium will be an afternoon of talks and discussions on how to transform the urban realm and empower people through digital fabrication at the advent of the quantified city.

FRANK VAN HASSELT (Chief Executive, Clear Village)
NAT HUNTER (Strategic Director, Machines Room)

14:15 PERSPECTIVE: The Maker Age and Global Urban Development
TOMAS DIEZ (Director, FabLab Barcelona)
THOMAS ERMACORA (Founder/ creative & strategic director of Lime Wharf, Machines Room and Clear Village.)
Panel moderator: LUCY BULLIVANT (Co-author of Recoded City)

15:15 INPUT
INDY JOHAR (DarkMatter_Labs Co-founder, 00 [zero zero])

15:30 BREAK

15:45 ZOOM: Re-localisation & distributed manufacturing networked clusters
ELIZABETH CORBIN (Open Workshop Network)
FI SCOTT (Make Works)
Panel moderator: GARETH OWEN LLOYD (Machines Room)

16:45 INPUT
JONATHAN KNOWLES (Explorer, Autodesk) via SKYPE

17:00 META: Building public realm futures & new civic processes
JOHN ELKINGTON (Executive Chairman and Co-Founder at Volans Ventures)
PROFESSOR DANIEL CHARNY (From Now On, Fixperts, Maker Library Network, Founding Director CRL)
Panel moderator: THOMAS ERMACORA (Founder/ creative & strategic director of Lime Wharf, Machines Room and Clear Village.)


LimeWharf Auditorium – Machines Room
Vyner St
E29DJ London
United Kingdom

Discover the latest Human Cities Co-Creation Briefing Sessions:

What is experimentation process in the Human Cities project? Experimentation is a speculative method, which intrinsically includes a factor of uncertainty. It implies all kinds of activities (actions, projects, programs, etc.), which are targeting an objective. Experimentation is managed by respecting rigorous protocols concerning both the planning and the implementation of experimental situations, and the collection of data. The goal is to test hypothesis and confirm or reject them at the end of the experimentation process in order to improve knowledge.

Co-Creation Briefing Sessions are the starting point of this process. They try to develop a problem-solving approach to an issue chosen by each city trough brainstorming and exchange of ideas and knowledge. Alice Holmberg, design strategist, lecturer and innovator is in charge of these sessions.

Co-Creation Briefing Session 1 – Ljubljana / 18.6.2015 – 19.6.2015


The experimentation phase
The Ljubljana Human Cities team opened the second stage of Human Cities project: EXPERIMENTING in the urban territories with citizens.

Ljubljana decided to focus on a peripheral urban open public space of “Bratovševa ploščad” in the “Ruski car” neighborhood in northern Ljubljana.

The exchange with the locals and professionals was facilited in a cooperation between the Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia (UIRS) and local initiative “Skupaj na ploščad” led by Damjana Zaviršek.  They aim to create a more attractive and lively open public space on a currently empty and unused urban area.
The goal of this co-creation briefing session is to motivate a team of people to lead and take part in the experimentation process in the following years, to find new ways and to test new methodologies in the processes of co-design of urban public spaces.
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Co-Creation Briefing Session 2 – Saint-Etienne / 8.7.2015 – 9.7.2015


Activating the city centre streets

The Cité du Design will lead various experimentations on Saint-Etienne territory between 2015-2017. One of the topics is to tackle the retails and street level spaces. How to invent innovative proposals to activate these spaces and scales?
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Co-Creation Briefing Session 3 – Helsinki / 27.8.2015 – 28.8.2015


Happy together vs melancholy of loneliness
Aalto University will lead experiementations to optimise use of the built environment.
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Belgrade Design Week is a one-off – a unique set-up that is free from the corporate atmosphere that so often pervades other such events. The energy, optimism and warmth of Jovan and his team flows through every event – lectures, workshops, meals & drinks alike!   I’ve never been good at sitting in a dark lecture hall for more than an hour or so at a time but found myself doing three lectures back to back at Belgrade – such was the quality of speakers. Timetabling was crazy at times but at BDW everybody seems happy to ‘go with the flow’ – and has an even better time for doing so. The City of Belgrade should be very proud of this gem!