In the framework of the Biennale internationale  Design Saint-Etienne, the Cité du design, leader of the European programme “Human Cities_Challenging the City Scale” proposes to cross the itineraries of the 12 European partners, UNESCO Cities of Design and European Living Labs. Human Cities project is co-funded from 2014-2018 by the Creative Europe Programme of The European Union. The European network is about exploring the way in which the inhabitants reclaim the constantly evolving contemporary city (especially through experiments in the urban space) and ways of (re)inventing city life, as sources of wellbeing and quality of life.

Cities face many challenges, linked to accelerating urbanisation and its effects on the forms of social organisation. The model of the traditional city, with a centre and a surrounding area, is disappearing, to be replaced by a world of networks, connections and
multipolarity: data flows are winning over premises. These structural changes are impacting both on people and places, like shops in town and city centres.

“Crossroads 2015” is a creative workshop on the conversion of vacant shops and ground floor premises in the Jacquard district, and will bring together local stakeholders, designers and international networks. It will be led by the Carton Plein association, which occupies B.E.A.U, temporary urban action office. The aim of the scheme is to stimulate the emergence of new services and new ways of inhabiting places, to get a district moving and to bring life to its streets. We think that the keys to success for towns and cities are in their
human capital, creativity and design!

Human Cities network highlights 13 strong and shared values: empathy, wellbeing, sustainability, intimacy, conviviality, mobility, accessibility, imagination, leisure,  aesthetics, sensoriality, solidarity and respect.

La Cité du design, Saint-Etienne [FR] ; Politecnico di Milano, Milan [IT] ; Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia, Ljubljana [SI] ; Clear Village, London [UK] ; Aalto University, Helsinki [FI] ; The Castle Cieszyn Design Centre, Cieszyn [PL] ; Association
Design Week Belgrade [RS] ; Agency Pro Materia, Brussels [BE] ; FH Joanneum, Graz [AT] ; Association of Estonian designers, Tallinn [EST] ; BEAZ/Bilbao-Bizkaia Design & Creativity Council, Bilbao [ES] ; Culture Lab, Brussels [BE].

Carton Plein, City of Saint-Etienne, Saint-Etienne Metropolis, EPASE.

Buenos Aires ; Berlin ; Montréal ; Nagoya ; Kobe ;Shenzhen ; Shanghai ; Séoul ; Saint Etienne ; Graz ; Pékin ; Curitiba ; Bilbao ; Dundee ; Turin ; Helsinki.

Bilbao ; Barcelone ; Saint-Etienne ; Belfast ; Rome ; San Francisco ; Sofia ; Milan ;Istanbul Taipei ; Montréal ; and European network of Living Labs.



“Crossroads 2015” is a creative workshop, which aim is to discuss the reconversion of the shops and vacant ground floors of the Jacquard neighbourhood. This workshop gathers local actors, designers and international networks. It will be connected to the B.E.A.U (Bureau Ephémère d ’Activation Urbaine – Ephemeral Office of Urban Activation), a project created and led by the association Carton Plein, who will ensure the animation of the workshop.During one month, the B.E.A.U will invest in a vacant shop, based in the city centre of Saint-Etienne, in a neighbourhood currently in the process of urban renewal (quartier Jacquard).Carton Plein leads an atypical study in connection with the planners of the city, partners of the project (EPASE – Etablissement Public d’aménagement de Saint Etienne) in order to imagine collectively different scenarios to initiate new dynamics in the neighbourhood. The aim of the project is to try to stimulate the emergence of new services, new ways of investing spaces and new ways of inhabiting and living in them.


To figure out a new approach to working collaboratively
on projects.
– Show how design tools (prototyping, script, visualization) and those brought by CARTON PLEIN (collaborative investigation, staging …) can help to invent new urbanistic tools where creativity is at the service of innovation in the territories.

– Create a dynamic network between the members of Human Cities and the networks of UNESCO Creative Cities of Design, by a collaborative experimentation.

-Awaken the Jacquard neighbourhood by a concrete participation in the dynamics of research and experimentation carried by CARTON PLEIN.

– International and local designers
– Members of Human Cities network
– City managers and members of EPASE


CARTON PLEIN is an association created in 2010 around an experimental and temporary public space in Saint-Etienne. In the heart of a city in renovation, it develops an urban laboratory dedicated to public space, a space of research and experimentation, in the city of Saint-Etienne and beyond. Anchored to the territory, CARTON PLEIN works on the involvement of residents in changing their life environment. Its collaborative and inclusive actions would like to give citizens the power to act.

SEVERAL PROJECT PARTNERS ARE PART OF THIS WORKSHOP: the Collective ETC manufacturer / participatory urban planning; .CORP and Hervé Paris,
graphic artist and sociologist/geographer who is working on collaborative expertise.



Programme Day by Day

Monday 16 March 2015
9.00 Welcoming breakfast and workshop introduction
Location: Cité du Design La Platine Seminar Room nr 2
– Welcome by Cité du design
– Presentation by CARTON PLEIN
– “Sainté Itinéraires Croisés” Project, the issues of the territory

The program of the workshop
Choice of the workshop groups (four tables are prepared, fitting with the slideshow, two facilitators per table)
1. Les vieux beaux ! (Grand Gonnet + Public space)Prototyping and experimentation as street processing arrangements
2. The shop of tomorrow (EPASE shop + vacant shops) Which future is it possible to imagine for these shops?
3. Sensitive mapping (ephemeral shop with fruits and
vegetables) Mapping as space for reflection and mediation
4. Studio CARTON (B.E.A.U) Document the project, a creative act?

11.00 Urban walk in order to share the issues of the
territory (visit of the public space CARTONNERIE and the

12.30 Ephemeral Canteen

In partnership with the B.E.A.U: Café des Matrus and three
local restaurants of the neighbourhood. Participants will be
dispatched to the different places

14.00-19.00 // Workshop per group
20.00 Dinner (together with All Champions/People
Olympics participants)
Location: Restaurant La Pivoine, 5 Rue Victor Duchamp,
42000 Saint-Étienne


Programme Day by Day
Tuesday 17 March 2015
9.00 Welcoming In each workshop places
9.00-13.00 Workshops per group
The group “Studio CARTON” will move from group to group to capture the process, the results, and the experiences. Resumption of items captured at night by the “Studio CARTON” team.
13.00-14.00 Canteen
14.00 – 16.45 Free time to visit the Biennale internationale
Design Saint-Etienne
16.45 Conference registration at Auditorium, Cité du design
17.00-20.00 // Conference
Official opening
Spring 2015 People Olympics And Human Cities_Challenging the city scale
Location: Cité du design – Auditorium
17.00 Welcome Robert Karulak, Vice Mayor in charge of design policy, introduction by Ludovic Noël, General Manager Cité du design

17.30 – 18.00 Keynote Speech – “Designing the human city creatively”
Charles Landry, President of Comedia Agency, creator of the “Creative cities” concept

18.00 – 18.15 Project presentation by Josyane Franc, Cité du design, Project Coordinator
18.15 – 18.30 Presentation of the European Program “Creative Europe 2020” by Marc-Hector Vanderhaegen, European Commission
18.30 – 18.45 Workshop results: “Crossroads 2015. Human Cities _Challenging the city scale”
18.45 – 19.00 Presentation of the International initiative People Olympics by Roberto Santoro,, People Olympics international committee
19.00 – 19.15 Presentation Tous Champions by Isabelle Verilhac , Head of Innovation and companies department Cite du design
19.15 -19.30 Workshop results: “Tous Champions #3/ People Olympics”
19.30 Closing and cocktail
20.30 Dining buffet (two workshops participants)


Contacts & info Human Cities Network,
Head Office
– Josyane Franc
Directrice des relations internationales/ Head of International Affairs
Cité du design & Ecole Supérieure d’art et design de Saint-Etienne
Coordination Saint-Etienne Ville créative UNESCO de design / UNESCO City of design
T. +33 (0)4 77 47 88 03

– Camille Vilain
Chargée des projets internationaux/ International Projects Officer
T + 33 (0)4 77 47 88 58
Art Direction & Communication Office

– Lise Coirier
Manager, Pro Materia

– Winnie Kwok
Project Coordinator
T. +32 (0)2 768 25 10

You can read the news from the newsletter here.

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