Belgrade Design Week Festival 2012

In a country without any significant “design industry” to speak of, we have chosen to produce a “creative festival” with the international conference FREEDOM SQUARED as main program segment. This was important in order to open, for the first time in Serbia and South East Europe, the discussion of shaping our future with the impetus of creative industries – those people behind architecture, branding, urban planning, design, fashion, film, publishing, media, advertising etc. We accomplish this by bringing key representatives of the creative community – the core audience of BDW – in direct dialogue with key representatives of business and government, as well as with global creative stakeholders.

BDW is the only multidisciplinary EDUCATIONAL FESTIVAL of this magnitude in Serbia and the SEE region, besides being non-profit, amidst a plenitude of entertainment content, at which representatives of the creative industry who generate real changes in the global economy today, explain how a competitive, modern economy is being developed. And not just any experts, but THE GREATEST CREATIVE MINDS OF THE 21ST CENTURY, who eagerly await Belgrade’s famed audience and those unique BDW vibrations, so very well known all around the world! That is why we greet you once again and invite you not to miss our traditional seventh conference named FREEDOM SQUARED, because probably never before has there been such a line up of great speakers in one single place!

As heart piece of the DESIGN WEEK from the 7th to the 9th of June, our famous three-day educational conference FREEDOM SQUARED will be focused on scenarios for the future: finding solutions, ideas, models, tendencies for the FREEDOM needs of the entire SEE region, based on European values and standards, with the goal to define, understand and establish frameworks for a future society of FREEDOM. Our delegates have the opportunity to inform themselves about latest global developments from the entire scope of global creative industries, from advertising to architecture, to learn from the leading international companies, brands and creative leaders coming from over 20 countries, on how to adapt to changes in the contemporary culture and economy.

BDW’s established DIZAJNLABS workshops and master classes complement the daily city-wide satellite program of film projections, exhibitions, cocktail receptions and promotions, known under the name of BDW DIZAJNPREMIERES. 2011 marked the debut of our remarkably successful 100% FUTURE SERBIA project, showcasing in 2012 again over 100 young Serbian designers in over 100 shopwindows in the city center, this time as part of Belgrade’s popular summer festival – BELEF. Finally, BDW has succeeded to produce the 2012 BDW DIZAJNPARK as part of the DIZAJNPREMIERES program, at the National Library of Serbia, curating ten very important design exhibitions of the highest level inside its holly grounds, celebrating the recent redesign of the building by leading young architect Zoran Radojičić, as proof of the important role creative industries can have in the modern Serbian society.

BDW wishes to THANK SQUARED everyone who helped create this wonderful festival again in 2012, against all odds, so to say. From our volunteers to our esteemed partners and patrons, from global creative superstars who came from all over the world for this whole week to Belgrade – of all places – to the nice book store clerk who gave his shopwindow to display Serbian design-talent, and most of all – to our biggest “sponsor” – our visitors:

THANK YOU SQUARED for your trust.

The BDW 2012 Team

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So many thanks to all colleagues, Jovan and the entire Belgrade Design Week. BDW is quite different from other design events. It is more about people than products. BDW is healing for designer souls.