Belgrade Design Week Festival 2010

Today is a good day in deed. You only need to take a look at bdw’s mission and vision statements, to find out that what you are holding in your hands might not look like a giant step for mankind, but certainly marks a completely new perspective for bdw. It is namely our firm intention to serve the creative community between Milan and Istanbul 365 days a year, with a special dedication to our home-hub, Belgrade. And the magazine in front of you is the first of around twenty new exiting design-related products to follow from October 2010 on. Those new offers will include bdw’s new winter conference in November 2010 named “belgrade design weekend” with an important new regional award, several “dizajnpark” magazine issues a year, a new bdw web portal/ blog, completely new, innovative monthly business meetings under the name of “creative thursdays” and many more remarkable and quite relevant projects in the pipeline… of which the most special will certainly become the new “bdw vip membership” proposition, a rather exclusive service for a selected few of our South East European and global members, who want to enjoy the full benefits of knowledge, information, entertainment and networking famously connected with bdw.

The “dizajnpark” magazine for example, will be sent personally only to a limited number of our 2000 vip members, and not sold on newsstands or as standalone offer, as we don’t wish to create any competition to our valuable media partners. This is also why we are calling  this issue “Number zero”, as it really holds the official report to our 2010 partners about the joint exposure at the bdw summer conference in May/June 2010, albeit a very detailed one, which probably no other creative/cultural event in see can present in this magnitude. Therefore we decided it was worthy being called “dizajnpark magazine” in the first place, while as of November 15th 2010, when the first “regular” issue comes out of print, you will be able to sample the amazing editorial work of our contributors from all over the world – representing the same unique and rich experiences of one bdw conference day, let’s say, only digested in a handy, thick, printed format, for you to save and keep as future reference point, complimented with special unlimited access to our new web-portal, our new events, workshops, concerts, happenings etc throughout the yearly season…

For those of you, that is, who will in deed become bdw vip members and partners. We are looking forward to developing such an exiting relationship with our audience in the 2010 / 2011 season, and each new yearly season from thereon, from October to October… and are certainly hoping to have provided an inspirational overview of how good and relevant the bdw festival was in 2010. As this momentous happening serves as case-study how important bdw is for this region’s economy, and what kind of important topics can be developed for our society with the help of bdw.

Foreword Welcome to the new era of bdw with the new “dizajnpark magazine“!

Your bdw team, Belgrade, Summer 2010

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Been a few weeks after the end of the Belgrade Design Week, but in my mind is still alive all the energy collected in the three very intense days in Belgrade. I enthusiastically accepted the invitation to the BDW 2010 but, honestly, I did not expect to live a so unique experience: BDW Conference is an incredible concentration of creativity, freedom, passion and feeling that involves all participants. Amazing the people of the organization guided by the genius and craziness of Jovan!