Belgrade Design Week took place from 6th to 12th October 2014 at the old Staklopan factory in Belgrade. The program was divided into 5 segments: BDW Brand New World international conference; BDW DizajnLabs workshops; BDW DizajnPark exhibitions; Creative Forum Serbia; 100% Future Serbia group exhibition.

Belgrade Design Week 2014 was held under the high patronage of the President of the Republic of Serbia and the Mayor of Belgrade, in association with the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia, supported by embassies and institutions from Japan, Netherlands, Switzerland, Israel, Germany, Mexico, and India.

BDW DizajnPark Exhibitions
BDW Dizajnpark exhibitions are a part of Belgrade Design Week which this year was sponsored by Gorenje company. Anyone who visited the old Staklopan factory between 7th  and 12th October, had the opportunity to see twelve carefully selected design exhibitions by world’s leading creatives, which enriched the atmosphere of the festival.

The exhibition “Out of the Box” – Design made in Israel, by Design Museum Holon described through common objects, the way in which Israeli designers cope with the passion to create in the face of the necessity to exist. Swiss artists Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann, better known under the common name L/B presented to the Belgrade audience their exhibition „Comfort #8“, thanks to the support from the Swiss Foundation ProHelvetia. The Japanese design studio Nendo’s “Still and Sparkling” exhibition was composed of five concepts: press lamps, inhale lamps, inner blow and overflow tables, the x-ray vase and growing vases, created as a result of extensive research and experimental design approach.Laufen‘s exhibition “Freedom to Reshape” at the Belgrade Design Week presented the Swiss company as it is – groundbreaking, pushing the boundaries of its SaphirKeramik technology that has revolutionized the world of bathroom design.Thanks to Swiss Foundation ProHelvetia, the exhibition of Tom Strala, titled “Strala is Presence”, was also presented at Staklopan.His objects d’art are known and appreciated both as sophisticated and timeless pieces of art, as well as objects of function.Branko Starčević, a Belgrade based photographer, showcased at Staklopan his exhibition “People”. His work is both contemporary and nostalgic – an example of well thought out documentarist approach bringing out the film patina of a bygone era.

With the support from the Prihelvetia Foundation, we saw the exhibition named “Juxtaposition” by Nicolas Le Moigne, who designs objects made of polystyrene, cardboard, plastic, foam and wood. With the support from the same foundation, Swiss agency Restons-Serieux also showed its latest experimental work. With these pieces Gavrilo Božović showed some of the new directions the agency is exploring, and also demonstrated the new fields design can explore together with new technologies.At Belgrade Design Week 2014 Irena Kilibarda’s showed her famous Table T – a hand-made space-age piece of outdoor furniture that lights up from within. Dutch Studio Drift presented at the Belgrade Design Week the exhibition “The Obsidian project and Dandelight”, which emphasized an almost alchemical, ‘something from nothing’ characteristic of synthetic obsidian, and highlighted a dialogue about the ethical responsibility of creating solutions for worldwide problems. At Belgrade Design Week, Nikola Kolja Božović presented his exhibition “Phantasm on Wheels”, which is a result of his artistic research on various aspects of the car as a carrier of cultural and social meanings. Exhibition named “Imagine – the Wooden Bicycle” by Studio DVOIKA -presented extremely solid, yet elegant and sophisticated wooden bicycle designed to provide new experience of cycling.

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