Designers Decorate Shop Windows

In boutiques, bookstores and coffee shops of the capital, mostly in the area between Kalemegdan and Slavia, designers were given one square meter each to express themselves.

Belgrade’s shops with best positioned shop windows have made their space available to the representatives of creative industries to attract a wider audience at the heart of the city. The artists responded with creativity and energy, producing elaborate shop window designs.

The organizers of Belgrade Design Week intended to use the segment of the festival program entitled “100% Future Serbia” to show the creative potential of our designers even to those who usually don’t go to galleries and exhibitions. At the same time, it is a way to support the national retail and HoReCa industries in these times of crisis.

Interested passers-by can see the exhibited works while taking a walk or shopping. With the map that is distributed in the shops participating in the exhibition, it is easy to further discover new and interesting places in the city.

In a sports shop in Kolarčeva street, between bicycles and shoes, an item that attracts attention is the stool designed by the awarded “Antipod” studio. It was the Serbian representative at the Furniture Fair in Milan last year. Further down town, in Knez Mihailova street, two chairs by Igor Sjeverac, made of recycled materials, are exhibited.

Initially, the exhibition was to include the work of 100 designers, but because of the volume of applications, the final number was 115. Throughout the city, mostly between Kalemegdan and Slavia, designers were given one square meter each to express themselves. A sign visitors should follow is an empty square outlined with a red-black line on shop windows.

The fashion house AMC hosted the work of talented artists in four of its stores. A young Belgrade architect, Vladimir Paripović, contributed to this exhibition by making an installation entitled:

“Android Fashion / A Cut Above”. In the shop window of a store on Kralja Milana street, for which he also designed the interior, he presented futuristic designs made of paper and transparent textile.

“Paper has infiltrated into the world of beauty. It provides extraordinary opportunities for inventing various forms. Combined with textile, it enables you to create exceptional details and constructional elements. I made two designs, with black and white background, like a positive and a negative print”, said Paripović.

This was not the first time for this architect to marry architecture and fashion through construction, detail and creative designs.

A girl sprinkled with paper roses in the colors of the French flag is looking at you from the shop window of the French Cultural Center. The poster displays the work of Aleksandar Škorić, who experimented with the topic of alternative identity.

“I lived in Canada for nine years, and then six years in Japan. Identity is a very tricky thing. Everything seems exotic to you, but on the other hand, you seem exotic to those other people.

I was experimenting with pieces of paper, which I designed, cut and glued to myself and to my friends.

Within an hour and a half people become entirely different persons. I have been analyzing that kind of identity”, explained Škorić.

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Been a few weeks after the end of the Belgrade Design Week, but in my mind is still alive all the energy collected in the three very intense days in Belgrade. I enthusiastically accepted the invitation to the BDW 2010 but, honestly, I did not expect to live a so unique experience: BDW Conference is an incredible concentration of creativity, freedom, passion and feeling that involves all participants. Amazing the people of the organization guided by the genius and craziness of Jovan!