Main activities of BDW reflect in the achievement of above mentioned objectives through:

  • Organization of the annual international conference called Belgrade Design Week which brings together most eminent world experts in the field of design, architecture, creative industries, new media, marketing, advertising, communications and cultural management, whose following program consists of educational workshops and international exhibitions available to the general public;
  • Organization of the Creative Forum Serbia, which brings together local experts from the creative industries and business with the goal to connect them;
  • Realization of the project 100% Serbia which will present the most successful Serbian designers who made their successful careers in Serbia and in the world;
  • Implementation of the project 100% Future Serbia which promotes about 150 Serbian designers and their works from all areas of the creative industries through the city-round exhibitions each year;
  • The project of establishing the Serbian Design Library, which we plan to achieve in cooperation with the National Library of Serbia;
  • The project of 100 Creative BDW Playgrounds for Children of Serbia, with aim to build 100 playgrounds designed according to EU standards in many municipalities and towns across Serbia. The first playground is already built in Kalemegdan Park in Belgrade;
  • Counselling, support and work on connecting local designers and creatives with national and international industry and production;
  • Networking, continuous cooperation, exchange of experiences and activities with similar organizations in the country and abroad to raise consciousness of the public and private sectors for the cultural, economic, social and educational values and design, as well as promoting the new trends in creative industries at domestic level;
  • Recording, broadcasting and publishing documentary movies and lectures, producing different kinds of publications, catalogs, reports, web presentation and dissemination of advertising materials (by print, television, internet, etc.);
  • Constant 365 days a year development of own blogs, newsletters, books, TV chronicles, documentary movies, digital library of documentary lectures, website with free accsses to all BDW artifacts such as our lectures from 2006 – today.
  • Positioning of Belgrade as a regional center in the field of design, as well as one of the major centers in Europe and in the world and the promotion of Serbian design in the world.
  • Creating a media value of over 1,5 million EUR each year in local, regional and global PR linking the words Belgrade and Serbia with expressions like design, progress, innovation, architecture, ideas, development etc.
  • Attracting a significant touristic investment into Serbia and Belgrade with only last year bringing over 300 top foreign delegates to visit Belgreade for the first time and stay in average 4 days in the city, most of them for the first time, equalling 300.000 EUR.
My two big loves of 2010 was Belgrade Design Week and the TMA – 1 by KiBiSi that I presented there. Both are children of determination, teamwork and eagerness to create a long lasting value. BDW and the TMA-1 are founded on solid content, great vibes and acumen. BDW will stay with me.